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Yes, here is my testimony.

I Am’s Temple has certainly been a blessing to my family. When my daughter had started pre-k she was in public school and was not being challenged academically. Furthermore, when it was time for her to start kindergarten she was not allowed to enter that next grade level because her birthday came after the October 1st deadline. At that point, my husband and I began to search for private schools. We wanted a Christian school that had a rigorous curriculum, was affordable and that didn’t have a birthday cut-off date. I Am’s Temple Christian Academy met all of those requirements. We promptly enrolled our daughter and were immediately impressed by both the pace and depth of the teaching and learning that were taking place in Sister Sharon’s kindergarten class. The following year we transferred our son into Sister Cole’s pre-k class and despite his behavior issues Sister Cole was able to teach him how to read. He is currently in Sister Josefina’s class and excelling academically although he still has some problems with his behavior. One thing I can say about I Am’s Temple is that the Holy Spirit is in this place. The teachers and staff are God-fearing, Holy Ghost-filled men and women of God. When my son acts up they pray for him. The teachers genuinely care about their students and partner with parents to educate the children. I can truly say that this school has given my daughter and son the spiritual and educational foundation they need and has been an oasis for my son who would not be able to survive in a public school setting. I thank God for this ministry that is providing quality, Christian education at a price we can afford.
Candace Solér


Our daughter was in pre-k 3 in the free Plainfield Pre-School system, which she loved and which had many positive aspects. However, they do not use a structured learning model and we wanted to make sure that in pre-k 4, she would learn to read and do basic arithmetic. Having another child just ahead of her, we know that a successful Kindergarten year, and beyond, depends on her mastery of the basics of reading and arithmetic. We are now less than a month from the close of the I Am's Temple school year and our daughter has completed all of the pre-k 4 and kindergarten reading books and has moved to the 1st grade books. Actually, her teacher told us that almost the entire class has moved to the 1st grade reading books. Her ability to reason through math and practical problems is also very solid now. Socially, this school seems to foster positive peer engagement in learning and play, academic diligence, and an understanding of how to follow classroom rules (without being suppressive). Honestly, they do an amazing job of teaching young children to maintain a well-behaved demeanor, while learning. In the morning chapel time, the youngest students are the quietest and most well-behaved. It is also a blessing to have our daughter discover the wonders and lessons found through the teachings of Jesus and the stories of the prophets. We are certain that this foundation and her interest in morality, worship and scripture will stay with her forever.
- Parents of Pre-K 4 student

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