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Drama / Praise & Worship

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International Day  Presentation


                            DRAMA PRAISE AND WORSHIP 2016


FLAG PARADE FOR 1st  –  12th Graders

Dear Parents,

We will be having our Parade of flags and International day celebration May the 26th at 10:00 am.

1st Grade will be singing a song and doing a poem

2nd-  3rd  Grade will be making flags

4th – 5th Grade will be making a flag.

6th – 12th Grade will be doing a presentation, and their choice of a poem,  singing the National Anthem, dancing, or singing a song.

The due date for the flags and presentations  will be Monday the 20th, of May.   Please note a poster will be placed in the hallways indicating the nation your child has chosen in the making of their flag. Here are some guide lines to assist you.

  1. All PRESENTATIONS must express one or two of the following: The interesting facts about the country. The Colors of the Flag and what does it mean. The name of the president. The famous foods in that Country. The countries favorite sport. Any special clothing for special occasions.
  2. Please use a white poster board, or large piece of felt the same size of the poster board, or a large piece of painted cardboard, the same size of a poster board.
  3. Markers, crayons, paint, fabric paint, glitter, feathers, sequins, pompoms, flower petals, Stencils, tissue paper, gift bags, and pieces of felt.
  4. Please use dowel  ( 5/6) at ( Michaels’, AC-Moore,)
  5. Super glue, Hot Glue, Crazy Glue.
  6. Remember to fold your paper where your flag pole will be glued.

DO NOT USE BROOM STICKS, OR LEGS OF FURNITURE, NO TAPE, NO MOP STICKS, branches, cardboard boxes, notebook paper, curtain rods,  hard cardboard boxes,



Sister  Sharon Johnson

Drama Department