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School History

The History of I Am’s Temple Children’s Ministry


We began our ministry in Plainfield in 1983. Our ministry started with just a few people and the meetings were held in the Pastor’s home for several months in Plainfield, New Jersey. The vision was growing and we started a “Word of Faith Bible School” via satellite. We did street evangelism, nursing homes, ministry to the homeless, and to battered and abused woman and children.


We needed a larger place for ministry, and the Lord gave us the opportunity to purchase the St. Stephen Episcopal Church, located at 620 Ravine Rd. in Plainfield. Soon after purchasing this property, we started our children’s ministry with Sis. Cole and 7 children ranging from 2 ½ through Kindergarten. After several years, our ministry grew to over our capacity, which was 105 children with a waiting list.


We were inspired to fill the need and began to look for another facility, to not only accommodate our waiting list, but to include up to the 8th grade. We rented space at 815 West 7th Street in a building owned by the Temple Sholom. The Lord opened the door for us, and we undertook the blessing with great enthusiasm. We started with over 200 children covering preschool through 8th Grade for 5 years, and we are looking forward to building upon the vision the Lord has given us.


Isabel Montes, a Pastor from Plainfield, joined with us, and was led to start a Spanish Ministry. Her congregation has now grown to around 200 people. Our ministry in Plainfield has expanded over the past 20 years. Our children have become productive citizens of our city, and we are excited about continuing our legacy to the citizens of Plainfield and to the neighboring cities.


We are looking forward to the future of Plainfield, and we are ready to lead our church and congregation into the new Millennium. We have many plans such as a Bible School, a Bible book store, and a recording studio, just to name a few. We have the Lord Jesus as our guide, and with hard work by the Pastor’s and leaders, we can accomplish mighty things. We are looking forward to a great challenge ahead.


The Lord is doing a new thing. He has moved our school to downtown Plainfield, right where we started for the Lord. We have over 200 students and 25 staff members. God is good and we are all excited about what he will do next.


God is preparing us for new direction. UNTTY. . .we will all be ministering and fulfilling God’s plan under one roof. We are ready for the increase God is preparing for this ministry.


            God is still blessing this ministry.  He continues to show His favor upon us and we are grateful.  As we move into our next assignment, we are expecting God to take us to higher heights as we impart our gifts into our students.  Through unity and  much  continued  PRAYER ,  we know God  is able.


At I AM’s Temple Christian Academy, we are experiencing great things as we continue to excel in the things of
God. We have introduced a new way to help our students excel academically. Beginning Sept. 6, 2017, all students in
grades 6 through 12 will be returning to books.

34 Years of Ministering Excellence to children. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!

God Bless You

Pastor Phillip Walker