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Classroom Guidelines

Classroom Guidelines
Each teacher will publicly display a written copy of classroom rules and guidelines. We expect each student to follow these rules.

(Upper grades only): K5-12th grade
Detention will be given when a student does not follow the classroom guidelines, does not respect the property of school, or disrespects director, administrator, teacher, or any adult. Physical or verbal violence will not be tolerated. When a student receives one detention, a letter will be sent home to inform the parent of the reason and when the detention will be served. This letter must be signed and returned to the office. If not served, the student will receive another detention along with the original one. When a student receives a second detention, there will be a parent/student conference with the director and the student’s teacher. Three detentions for any reason will result in a one-day suspension from school.

As well as receiving three (3) detentions, severe or violent behavior such as fighting, vandalism, theft or any foul language that suggests any sexual content will result in automatic suspensionWhen a child is suspended, he/she must be picked up immediately (there will be no in-school suspension) and a letter of explanation is sent home with the child, and he/she will receive a ”O” for the days work.  If a student is suspended three times, it will result in expulsion. We will enforce our policies.  In the past, we have been extremely lenient (Mercies of God). This year we will follow our handbook.  We expect full cooperation of students and their parents.