Interested in registering your child at IATCA?

Please call our office at 908-753-6222 to schedule a tour of our school.

Tuition & Fees


Payments are due on the first school day (Monday) of each week.  Payments must be brought to the office by a parent or an adult.  Please do not send your payment in your child’s backpack or lunchbox. Payment in full is due every week including holidays, vacations, and absences.  Our accounting policy is set upon a weekly system.  If you would like to setup your payment plan on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, you must arrange your payment schedule prior to the opening of school and pay in advance. All fees must be kept current and paid in advance.

Payment is expected each week. If payment is not received the school will notify you promptly.  Your child will be sent to the office and not allowed to enter class until we hear from their parent.

Any child attending our before/aftercare program is expected to pay a $10.00 fee for before/care and a $25.00 fee for after/care per week in addition to their tuition fee. Transcripts and report cards will not be released unless we have received payment in full this includes before care and aftercare fees.



The non-refundable registration fee is $75.00 per household. Registration fees are due along with the application and are renewable on a yearly basis.

If you have more than one (1) child at the Academy you are only required to pay one (1) fee for all registrants in the same household.



Our tuition fee is $120.00 per week for each child enrolled at school.  If you have two children the fee will be $110.00 per week for each child. If you have three or more children enrolled at I.A.T.C.A. the fee will be $100.00 per week for each child.

The $35.00 Before care/Aftercare payment is added to the tuition payment and is due the first day of each week in advance along with your tuition and if not received your child will not participate in the aftercare program and you will have to pick up your child at 4:00 p.m. Payments are due in full every week from September through June, including Christmas week, all vacations, winter recess, holidays, and absences.  All payments must be kept current and must be paid in full before transcripts can be released

If you pay by check, and we receive a returned check by your bank for NSF, you will be charged a $35.00 returned check fee, and that payment will be required in cash.  If we receive three (3) returned checks at any time during the school year, all future payments must be paid in cash.


Community Partnerships
I Am’s Temple Christian Academy also partners with Community Coordinated Child Care and Catholic Charities. However, if you fail to swipe in and out properly, and in a timely manner this will result in the school not being paid. YOU ARE THEN RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CHILD’S TUITION PAYMENT.

Please contact our main office for details on these partnerships.

Catholic Charities4C's Community Coordinated Child Care Partner