Interested in registering your child at IATCA?

Please call our office at 908-753-6222 to schedule a tour of our school.


All students are required to bring their own lunch/snacks to school. Please make sure that your child’s lunch is properly identified. We encourage children to eat healthy lunches and snacks. Please bring plenty of drinks, and provide enough food for your child, especially for those who remain in the aftercare program. Please do not send candy or gum with your child to school. Your child will not be able to order lunch at all. REMEMBER, Time is limited. Preheated meals only. Remember all utensils, plates, napkins, etc. are necessary.

When celebrating your child’s birthday in school, you may bring a cake or cupcakes. Please give the teacher advanced notice, so she can prepare her schedule for the celebration.

Field Trips
Field trips will be taken periodically throughout the school year, but they will vary according to each grade level. Parents will be notified in advance with details, and a signed permission slip will be necessary. All trip costs are to be covered by the parent, including transportation, admission, etc. Parents will also be asked to chaperone. If you wish to do so, please notify us on the permission slip.

Any child under 5 years of age (ages 2 ½ through k4) is required to take a nap every day.  Please bring a child size sleeping bag or blanket with a small pillow as well as a change of clothes in case your child has an accident.

Lost and Found
Each student must properly identify his or her belongings, with their name clearly printed on lunch boxes, and clothing items.  I.A.T.C.A will not be responsible for any student’s belongings. They must be clearly marked for proper identification. All identifiable items found will be brought to the child’s teacher or placed in the lost and found bin.  It is the responsibility of the parent to make sure that each item is marked. 

Cell Phone Policy
PLEASE BE ADVISED: Cell phones are NOT allowed in school. If they are found in class they will be confiscated and you (the parent/guardian) will have to come to school to pick them up. You may call the office anytime if you need to speak to your child.

Parent/Teacher Conferences
All parent conferences are by appointment only, other than the ones scheduled by your child’s teacher.  Teachers are not able to be interrupted during class instruction time. If you must speak with your child’s teacher, appointments can be made Monday through Friday 9am-4pm with the office staff.